We value our patients' experience at Pisk Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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My son Ethan, who is 12 years old, struggles with compulsiveness and nervous motions and is allergic to dairy and eggs.  He had an issue with defiance and coordination- as well as anger management. Since seeing Dr. Angie this past 3 months, all areas have greatly improved or, as in the case of rashes and constipation, have discontinued altogether.  Ethan’s coordination has totally improved, and his issues with anger management have gotten substantially better as we see more understanding and cooperation.

Monika J

The serious lack of range of motion in my shoulder had been happening for about 6 months before I came in for treatment with Dr Jesse.  I could not lift my left arm very high to reach things on shelves, had a hard time washing my hair and getting dressed.  I tried not to move my arm much.  My arm even hurt sleeping at night.  I had pain if my arm got jerked back which happened sometimes walking the dog.  I have been helped tremendously by Dr Jesse.  Now I can do all of those things with no pain.  Thank you Dr Jesse.


I have had headaches when I wake up in the morning for years.  The headaches sometimes start in the middle of the night or early in the morning hours.  Dr Angie started adjusting me, doing cranio-sacral therapy and changing some of my nutritional needs.  My headaches have almost completely disappeared.

Yvonne F

My son has had tics and shakes on a daily, almost constant basis.  Since his first adjustment his shaking and tics have stopped.  He has never been able to sit at the table and enjoy a meal without shaking.  We have not seen any tics or shakes since his first adjustment.  Thanks Dr Angie.


My son, Ean has sensory processing disorder.  He was struggling with speech, language and coordination as well as transitioning and motor skills.  Since beginning his treatment with Dr. Angie, I have seen marked improvement in all of these areas.  His language has dramatically improved, as well as his attention in school as he is able to control his body movement better.  His kindergarten teacher was unsure if he would be able to move into 1st grade, but was amazed to see him progress in his reading and writing skills enough to be placed in a regular 1st grade classroom with some resource help.  He continually surprises me with his expanded capabilities and progress. He loves “Dr. Angie.- she is wonderful to adapt his sessions to his needs and mood. 

Karen W

Very friendly staff, the doctor's are very professional and want to see the patient's get better.  I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.

Ron D

With Arthritis in my neck and a very bad lower back, chiropractic work has been important to me.  I live a very active life.  Chiropractic has helped me a lot and because of Wilson Chiropractic I can live a normal life without pain.

Y. F.

After my son's first adjustment, bedwetting has ceased.  We have struggled with this issue for 9-10 years, with only 3-4 days of dry nights.  I was referred by PLUK.  A great foundation bettering the health of individuals with disabilities.

Judy K.

When I came in I was in the most excruciating pain.  I was about to go to the emergency room.  I left feeling much better and within a couple of weeks I was back to my normal self.  I am so grateful for these wonderful doctors and the work they have done for me.

April S

I was referred to Dr Angie to help my newborn son with his sinus issues.  My medical doctor had no problem referring my son for chiropractic.  My son is less congested since starting care at Wilson Chiropracitc.

Kimberly R.

My son, born with a neurodevelopmental disorder, learned to keep his hands open and crawl within a few months.  This is something that the medical field thought would never happen.  Thanks Dr Angie for your expertise in brain exercises. 

Jaimie H

My son had constant seizures and since starting chiropractic care and craino-sacral therapy we have seen a significant decrease in the number.


Within 3 days of treatment my baby boys colic was completely gone.  My friends and family were asking me what happened to my son - because he was being so good. 

Allie R

My daughter was dealing with frequent ear infections, we were about to have tube surgery.  We started having her adjusted and haven't seen an ear infection in the last 6 months.  We were able to avoid surgery.

Aaron D

My son started talking for the first time after chiropractic care and neuroexercises.  Thanks Dr Angie.

Karie K

My son's ADHD decreased remarkably with chiropractic, craino-sacral therapy and brain exercises.  Dr Angie even started us on a path of good nutrition.

Kelly W